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HUGO - Locus Specific Mutation Databases


Today is: 04/07/2015, 08:59 PM

SEARCH the database with your own keywords

Search terms can be:
a) nucleotide change at cDNA or genomic DNA levels (e.g. 341 C>T or 5840 C>T)
b) amino acid change (e.g. A114V)
c) exon number (e.g. EX3)
d) first author
e) patient ancestry
f) to see the entire database, use SPACE and press the SEARCH button.



Tables with pre-defined queries

folder.gif (3064 bytes) Map of all CBS mutations

folder.gif (3064 bytes) List of all CBS mutations

folder.gif (3064 bytes) Mutations by exon

folder.gif (3064 bytes) Linked mutations

folder.gif (3064 bytes) Evolutionary conservation

folder.gif (3064 bytes) CpG dinucleotides in the CBS

folder.gif (3064 bytes) Database summary

folder.gif (3064 bytes) E.coli expression data

folder.gif (3064 bytes) Table of all CBS alleles

folder.gif (3064 bytes) Genotype and vitamin B6 responsiveness


folder.gif (3064 bytes) References cited in the CBS database.

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